Miss B’s Blog

CAM00891-blog-introWelcome to our blog . My name is BeBe and I live at Rick’s Custom Rods . I help my humans take care of all the people who want to go fishing. When people come to the shop I greet them and show them around so they can find every thing they need to have a successful day of fishing.

I keep a close watch on every thing that happens in and around our fishing community. I always check the weather. When the shrimp delivery comes early in the morning that is when my fishing skills come into action. All the bait gets taste tested and “Be” approved. When my humans come in that is when the shrimp are sorted and trained. Now you know why we have the luckiest bait on the beach.

This is a shorty this time, we promise a more in depth blog next time (soon), but we would like to leave you with a few more pics of our family at RCR.