Miss B’s Blog

CAM00891-blog-introWelcome to our blog . My name is BeBe and I live at Rick’s Custom Rods . I help my humans take care of all the people who want to go fishing. When people come to the shop I greet them and show them around so they can find every thing they need to have a successful day of fishing.

I keep a close watch on every thing that happens in and around our fishing community. I always check the weather. When the shrimp delivery comes early in the morning that is when my fishing skills come into action. All the bait gets taste tested and “Be” approved. When my humans come in that is when the shrimp are sorted and trained. Now you know why we have the luckiest bait on the beach.

This is a shorty this time, we promise a more in depth blog next time (soon), but we would like to leave you with a few more pics of our family at RCR.

Ms. B’s Blog #2

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back but we have been busy since the last time we chatted.

First off we want to thank everyone for sending in all your great photos please keep sending them in we can never have too many. I believe we have them all posted now and are up to date (I know they are not in line and you cannot expand on them but we are still learning and appreciate your patience.).

There is some exciting news drifting in these days. Rick’s Custom Rods is expanding right here in the same neighborhood of downtown Madeira Beach. Expansion is the main reason. We would like to offer our valued customers a wider variety of bait, tackle, rods, reels and also a lot more that we did not have the room for.  If you were curious both locations will be open. We will not be closing or moving simply expanding so please stop by if you have any questions. I will make sure to keep everyone up to date as new info becomes available.

There are many kingfish tournaments happening this month and next, please check with us for additional information. Don’t forget to stop in and stock up on all your tournament supplies.

This month has proven to be the explosion of spring fishing with reports inshore of record pompano and permit catches along with the usual toothy spanish and blues running along the beach. The passes have been holding a variety of action including flounder,black and red drum, snook, snapper and trout. Offshore is most definitely heated up with action in as little as 30ft. kings, cobia, and sailfish have been reported along with red grouper, and some healthy mango snappers. The bait is abundant and the weather has been beautiful so take advantage and get out and have some fun.

We would like to thank everyone for your support and please keep sending us your pics and keep checking Ms.B’s blog